RIVERDALE (ABC4 News) – Weber County health officials are trying to unravel a medical mystery: how did two teenage students at the same Riverdale school die of the flu within hours of each other? 

On Monday epidemiologists reviewed their medical records as their families planned their funerals.

Some students wore masks Monday at Utah Military Academy as classes resumed without two of their classmates. According to their GoFundMe pages, 13-year-old Braxton Graham and 16-year-old Jaime Navarro passed away Friday at Primary Children’s Hospital. 

Amy Carter, Weber-Morgan Health Department Epidemiology Nursing Supervisor Amy Carter explained that they had different types of the flu.

“Both of those students did have positive testings for influenza,” Carter said. “However those strains were different strains identified in each of the cadets.”

Nurse Carter said she’s never seen anything like it and her department is investigating.

“It definitely seems like it’s a little bit of an unusual and tragic situation to have two students from the same school so close together,” she told ABC4 News.

Jaime’s mother told ABC4 News that her son did have a flu shot this year.

Now tributes to the fallen cadets are coming in. The Air Force 34th Fighter Squadron stationed in the United Arab Emirates flew two American flags over Afghanistan in F-35 jets in their honor. Those flags and certificates are now on their way to the Graham and Navarro families. 

And one of Jaime’s friends posted a song about him entitled “Rainbow Boy” on YouTube.

No one from Utah Military Academy wanted to speak on camera for this story.

To see Jaime’s GoFundMe page, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/jamie-navaro-funeral-fund.

And the Graham family’s Go Fund Me page is at https://www.gofundme.com/f/1vnkz0lt00.