MIDVALE (ABC4)- Unified Police arrested a man who they say brought an incendiary device with him to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

Police say they responded to a domestic call near 8600 South and Monroe Street in Midvale. The call from the victim said her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Simeona Leinei Mataafa, was trying to break into her apartment. The call had hung up at first and when dispatch attempted to call the number back, the call hung up again.

The officer arrived at the scene and intervened, advising Mataafa not to return to the apartment. The officer left but could hear a male voice yelling from the apartment he just left. He went back to the apartment and when he opened the door, he found Mataafa back in the apartment.

The officer told Mataafa to leave but then he noticed that the door to the apartment had been kicked in. He then called for fellow officers to come and place Mataafa in handcuffs. 

The victim told police that Mataafa first knocked on the door that night but she told him to leave and that she wasn’t letting him in. Mataafa then unscrewed the lightbulb on the porch. After that, Mataafa kicked the door down and told the victim to sit down and that he wanted to talk to her. When she tried to call 911, Mataafa took the phone away from her and hung up the call. The victim’s 4-year-old daughter was home at the time.

She also told police that Mataafa told her in a text that he was bringing a bomb or something else to throw through her window. The officer had noticed something earlier wrapped in duct tape placed in a hat. When asked about it, Mataafa denied knowing what it was that was in the hat but that the hat was his. 

The officer took Mataafa into custody at the Midvale precinct and placed in him a holding cell. The victim and her daughter went separately to the precinct where she told a victim’s advocate that she thought Mataafa was trying to kill her. 

According to police, Mataafa denied kicking the door down. A search found that Mataafa’s bag had a broken light bulb which he used to smoke methamphetamines. The bag also had a pipe for smoking marijuana.

The bomb squad took an x-ray of the item found in the hat and said the item was “a pyrodex gunpowder container with gasoline and a wick,” according to arresting documents. 

Mataafa is being held on seven individual charges including recklessness, burglary, stalking, domestic violence in the presence of a child, criminal mischief, interruption of a communication device, and possession of drug paraphernalia.