Unemployment recipients will now be required to actively search for work as the number of claims decline


SALT LAKE CITY (August 13, 2020) — There were 4,854 new claims filed for unemployment benefits from August 2 to August 8 with a total of $30,546,936 of benefits paid. There were 73,300 continued claims filed during that same week.

“New claims and continued claims continue to see a steady decrease each week, supporting Utah’s decision to end the self-attested job attachment status on August 15, 2020,” said Kevin Burt, Unemployment Insurance Division director for the Utah Department of Workforce Services. “Active job search efforts will hopefully connect those seeking work to where economic growth is occurring as employment is critical for real stability rather than the time-limited unemployment benefit.”

The number of individuals who have not requested a benefit for two consecutive weeks as of August 1 was 4,750, up from the 4,563 the previous week.

Job attachment status for active claimants will end this week on August 15, 2020. This does not result in ineligibility, however, to remain on the benefit all claimants will be required to register for work as well as make and report at least four job contacts each week they are requesting the unemployment benefit.

If an individual’s employment has been impacted by COVID-19, they should visit jobs.utah.gov/covid19 for updated information including help for employees and employers returning to work.

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