UHP: “It was a good stop”


SPANISH FORK Utah (News4Utah) –  Joseph Bonnell-Hall was on a mission to kill.
That’s what prosecutors in Utah County are claiming after he was arrested and charged with four counts of attempted murder.

The Idaho man was arrested in Spanish Fork as he was passing through.  There was an attempt to locate call issued by law enforcement.  
The alert was issued to Utah law enforcement on the night of his arrest.  Broadcastify.com captured the call.

Dispatch: “He is schizophrenic and is hearing voices in his head to kill 4 people in New Mexico.  He has access to multiple weapons including firearms and could be armed at this time and could be traveling by himself.”

Bonnell-Hall is from the Cour D’Alene Idaho area.  According to a probable cause statement a “counselor” told police about the alleged plot.  From there, tribal police issued their bulletin throughout the west.  His counselor warned law enforcement in Idaho that he was schizophrenic and was “hearing voices in his head to kill 4 people.”

“This person may have and appeared to have been suffering from some mental issues,” said Lt. Todd Royce with UHP.

A UHP trooper spotted his vehicle on Interstate-15 in Utah County.  She pulled him over and was arrested.

According to charging documents the trooper found a “firearm, four loaded magazines and a box of bullets”  in his vehicle.

He told the trooper he was “headed to New Mexico to be freed from the pain … caused … by people.”

Bonnell-Hall allegedly told the trooper the name of one of those he was going to see.  According to the probable cause statement the name was one of the four the “counselor” told tribal police about.

Bonnell-Hall was in a Utah County court Wednesday where he was charged with four counts of attempted murder.  Afterwards he was transported back to the Utah County jail where a $50,000 cash only bond was issued.

Lt. Royce said the arrest was ” a good arrest” and was made possible by cooperation between several law enforcement agencies.

“This guy needed to be stopped before he got to Albuquerque,” said Lt. Todd Royce.  “It could have and we don’t know exactly what the outcome would have been, but it could have been a very tragic incident if he would have been able to get to Albuquerque. “

News4Utah attempted to reach his family in Idaho but a family member had no comment.
Calls to the tribal police in Cour D’Alene were not returned.

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