LITTLE SAHARA, Utah (ABC4) – This Easter weekend Troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of residents in the area. 

As part of a speed enforcement project for the Sand Dunes, at Little Sahara, the UHP’s section 14 troops have already stopped 30 vehicles for traveling over 100 miles per hour in just a 30 hour period. On top of the 30, they have additionally stopped 198 vehicles speeding under 100 miles per hour. 

According to the UHP’s Twitter, this enforcement began on the morning of April 15 and consists of 13 Troopers, two Sergeants, one Lieutenant, and 18 overtime shifts. Most of the stops have been reported as happening along Interstate-15. 

So, be sure to drive slow and steady this holiday weekend, as this enforcement will last throughout Monday April 18.