UDOT fixing potholes in Park CIty


PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – It’s that time of year. The weather is warming, the snow is thawing and potholes are popping up all across the state. One area hit the hardest is Park City. The Utah Department of Transportation was out fixing potholes along 224 Wednesday afternoon.

UDOT Spokesperson John Gleason told Good4Utah, “This is a section of road if you think about it it gets more extreme weather than really anywhere in the state, and so it makes sense that it’s more prone to road damage and potholes, but we’ve had a section out here just under a mile that’s really been hit hard by potholes.”

UDOT does pothole repairs every year, but this season has kept crews especially busy. “So far it’s been a little bit more active, for our crews filling potholes than we typically see,” said Gleason. “But this is much more in line with the the type of winters that we’re used to in Utah. We really haven’t had one like this since maybe 2011, so for the last 5 years we’ve gotten off pretty easy. This year is much more in line with what we except.”

It’s not just Park City that’s going to see some road rehabilitation. UDOT has a budget of nearly $410,000 for all pothole repairs for Summit, Salt Lake and Tooele counties. So far this year, UDOT has nearly spent half its budget.

“We have a saying, good roads cost less. And what that means is that if we can actively maintain our roads, if we can handle issues before they become problems then that’s going to save us all a lot of money in the long run as tax payers.”

If you have a pothole you’d like fixed UDOT has a Click ‘N Fix app where you can notify crews of any problems.

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