ABC4 News – The U.S. Army is celebrating a huge milestone. For 245 years, the U.S. Army says they have stood together with America to help save lives and protect our people and our nation.

The Army ensures that through their steadfast dedication to the mission, their core values and enduring support to fellow Americans, they will safeguard the hard-earned trust and confidence of the public.

The US Army says they will always answer the call to protect America no matter the challenges we face as a nation. Soldiers with varying ideas, beliefs and backgrounds help to make the Army the respected, diverse organization it is today.

This year, the 245th anniversary of the Army’s establishments falls during a national crisis, but they say we’re all in this together, and they’re here to serve our nation. According to the U.S. Army, soldiers and civilians have been there to serve when the nation has needed them the most. Soldiers wear the American flag as a symbol of national pride that comes from communities and backyards throughout this great nation.

Army officials say protecting our citizens and our nation is what the U.S. Army is called for. From the Battle of Lexington to present day, US Army Soldiers have answered our nation’s call for 245 years.