Trooper’s vehicle hit by car during snow storms


LEHI, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The slide offs and accidents started picking up in the afternoon and kept troopers working non-stop all evening.

“We’ve had nice conditions all the way through November, this is our first real change,” said Major Mark Zesiger, with Utah Highway Patrol.

Snow was so bad along Provo Canyon that a driver lost control and hit a state trooper’s parked vehicle along the road.

The trooper saw it happen from his rear-view mirror and couldn’t drive away in time.

“He saw a vehicle that was losing control start to slide and slid in and hit the rear of his bumper,” said Zesiger.

Around 3:30 p.m. troopers say the heavy calls matched up with heavy snow—as troopers worked to keep roads safe.

The concern now is about black ice for Tuesday’s morning commute.

“There will be black ice in spots. There always is after a storm like this,” said Besieger.

Driving instructor Alberto Diaz at Revolution Driving School agrees.

“Once the temperature keeps dropping and dropping, which usually happens overnight, plowers–they clean and they do their best job–but the roads still freeze,” said Diaz.

Diaz says that, when driving in snow, it’s about knowing how cold it is–not how much snow is on the ground. The colder the temperature, the more dangerous the roads, according to Diaz.

He says it’s critical that drivers wipe snow off of their vehicles before driving, since they can be ticketed for having snow on their roof.

“If you just drive off, don’t clean the roof of your car, you get pulled over. And the police officer will make you clean your car,” said Diaz.

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