A Utah Highway Patrol Trooper is speaking out after saving a man from walking in traffic on I-15 in Davis County.

“On July 9th around 1:05 in the afternoon, we got multiple calls of a pedestrian walking on the interstate in the median southbound I-15 from Hillfield in Layton,” said Trooper Justin Law.

Dash cam video as well as Law’s body camera footage captured the entire incident.

Law says he called for the man to get into his car, but he wouldn’t listen.

Instead, walking in front of his vehicle in the HOV lane.

“I made that split decision to block the HOV lane with my car,” said Law. “At that point he saw that, and ran behind my car. I exited my vehicle, and ran after him. I was able to tackle him behind my car in the HOV lane.”

This all happened while Law was waiting for backup to arrive.

“We started wrestling on the ground,” he said.

While Law tried to apprehend the man, a truck driver came to his aid.

“A semi driver was able to come over to the HOV lane, and he stopped, blocking traffic, protecting us from being hit by other cars,” said Law.

Three lanes away, Law says another semi-truck driver stopped, and then came over to help him refrain the man so he could cuff him and take him off the interstate.

“At the moment, I wasn’t worried too much about my own safety,” said Law. “I was more worried about his.”

Law says this was a scary situation especially without backup, and he’s thankful for the two drivers that stopped to help him.