Trailer and contents worth $7,500 stolen from local non-profit


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ACB4 News) – Wasatch Community Gardens, a local non-profit is left wondering who would steal a trailer full of items they use to hold annual events for the community.

The last time anyone saw the trailer was on Thursday, December 1st.  Some people arrived at one of the gardens on Tuesday, December 6th — where the trailer was parked at 8 S., 3 W. — to find that it was missing.

“I’m really disappointed and fairly shocked,” said Ashley Patterson, Executive Director of Wasatch Community Gardens.

The 4×8 marked trailer and the contents inside totaling close to $7,500.  

“We have those really nice lightweight tables that you can use for events that are easy to carry.  A canopy that is branded with our logo and information.  All the cashier stuff and tents that we need to put on our plant sale event and other kind of events,” said Patterson.  

Now, Wasatch Community Gardens left with nothing to hold those events.  

“I’m really disappointed and fairly shocked,” she added.

During the summer months the organization hosts children and adult programs to teach about growing their own food.  During the winter months it’s left virtually untouched.

“I’m just amazed that someone would take that,” Patterson said.

When people arrived to find the trailer missing they found a flat-bed trailer in it’s place.  Patterson said she doesn’t know if the person(s) who stole theirs  left the flat-bed, but adds it could be a strange coincidence.  

Their events include a summer plant sale of local food, an urban garden and farm tour where community members who grow their own food, raise farm animals — like chickens — or are beekeepers, open up their homes to members in the community who are interested in learning more about those activities to ask questions and gain more knowledge to do it themselves.  Their final event is a tomato sandwich party where they feed close to 800 members of the community tomato and pesto sandwiches to say thank you for all their support.  The contents of the trailer go to make these events possible.

“Most of the stuff that’s inside of it is not really useful to most people,” said Patterson.  

Patterson filed a police report but like in similar cases the items are almost never recovered.  Now, her and the organization, which has about 40 community gardens throughout the county, are left without the tools they need to serve their community.

“I think we’re still sort of hopeful that it will be found,” she said.

After posting about the stolen trailer on social media, Patterson says she is thankful for the community support. 

In hindsight, Patterson says, the trailer could and should have been stored inside the driveway or at their offices at Arts Space instead of on the side of the street, but she says the contents with their logo on them is probably worth nothing to those who stole the trailer but worth a lot to her team and the community they serve.  

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