Toys ‘R’ Us liquidation sales: What you need to know


FILE- In this Jan. 24, 2018, file photo, a woman enters a Toys R Us store in Paramus, N.J. Toys R Us CEO David Brandon told employees Wednesday, March 14, 2018, that the company’s plan is to liquidate all of its U.S. stores, according to an audio recording of the meeting obtained by The Associated […]

WFLA- Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” us are closing across the country.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions customers have about the Toys “R” Us liquidation. Any of this information may change, depending on the liquidation schedule:

Will my store be closing? Will any stores near me be staying open?

Toys “R” Us announced it will post a full list of stores’ closings at (As of March 22, the list was not posted at this link, so keep checking.) The store closings are pending court approval and subject to ongoing lease negotiations with each locations’ landlord.

Will there be store closing sales? When will they take place?

Store closing sales are underway at some locations, and future sales will be announced as closing dates are scheduled. 

If we make purchases at a closing store during the closing sales, can we use Rewards“R”Us money?

The company says Rewards“R” Us money and Geoffrey money can be used at all locations, whether they are under a closing sale or not, according to Toys “R” Us. However, Rewards “R” Us money must be spent before April 20. 

Will gift cards be accepted in closing stores?

Yes. All gift cards must be used by April 14. 

Will merchandise credits be accepted in closing stores?

Merchandise credits will be honored until April 20, but this date is subject to change, and it’s better to use your credit as soon as possible.

Will customers continue to earn loyalty rewards for purchases made in closing stores?

Customers will earn loyalty rewards for purchases made in closing stores, however, that money will not be available after April 20.

Will closing stores honor the price match policy?

No, the company’s Price Match Promise is not available at closing stores.

Will customers who sign up for a Toys“R” Us credit card still receive the same benefits?

Yes, existing Toys”R” Us credit cardholders can continue to use their Toys“R” Us credit card and will continue to receive the same benefits; however, no new Toys”R” Us credit card applications will be accepted at stores that are closing. Applications for a Toys”R” Us credit card will be accepted at stores that remain open and online at

Can coupons be used during the closing?

Coupons will no longer be accepted at closing stores with the exception of giveaways, Birthday Club coupons, rewards redemption coupons, registry completion coupons and instant Credit Thursdays.

Will closing stores be able to complete price adjustments for purchases made before the announcement?

Yes, any sale made prior to liquidation can be adjusted. Once liquidation starts, all sales are final.

What are return policies at closing stores?

Purchases made prior to store closings will be accepted as long as the store is open. Purchases made during the store closing process are all final at sale.

Will stores that are closing have special pricing, promotions or policies?

Yes, closing stores will offer deep discounts and promotions unique to these locations. They will also continue to honor customer programs including gift cards, Endless Earnings and credit card specials (until April 20). Any purchases made during the store closing process will be considered final sale.

Who will handle customer complaints at the closing stores?

Store team members and company Customer Service department will continue to assist you with customer complaints.

For questions about products, warranties or rewards, customers in the U.S. should contact the Customer Service Department at 1 (800) TOYSRUS or 1 (800) 869-7787 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET.

News Channel 8 has learned that many customers with complaints have had trouble getting their concerns addressed quickly through the Customer Service phone number.

What will happen to items on layaway at affected stores?

If you have items on layaway at a closing store, Toys “R” Us says it will notify you to pay it off, pick it up, or open the layaway at another store. However, if layaway items are not picked up by the deadline, orders will be canceled and any applicable fees will be waived. Deadlines will vary by location.

What happens to my registry at Babies“R”Us?

Our loyalty programs, including the Babies“R”Us Registry in the U.S., will continue as normal in their current forms, however this is subject to change at any time, 

For questions about products, warranties or rewards, customers in the U.S. should continue to contact our Customer Service Department at 1 (800) TOYSRUS or 1 (800) 869-7787 between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM ET. Our international customers can contact their local Customer Service teams as usual. If customers have questions regarding the financial restructuring process, or for information about which stores will be affected, they can visit our newsroom site at

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