Zack Moss excited to begin NFL career with the Buffalo Bills

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Utah's all-time leading rusher was a 3rd round pick by Buffalo

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) – Zack Moss was on pins and needles watching the NFL Draft last week from his home in California.

“It was really tough when you’re sitting there watching and you’re seeing your name not being called,” Moss said Tuesday. “So it’s like any moment, and the anxiety and your stomach is tight.”

But with the 86th overeall pick in the third round, the Buffalo Bills, who had been trying to trade up to get Moss, had Utah’s all-time leading rusher fall right in their laps.

“As soon as I got on the phone with them, they said they were trying to move up to pick me for 15 minutes,” said Moss, who owns six Utah rushing records. “You really can’t put it into words. It’s still really surreal. You’ve made it to this point where you’ve always dreamed of being, all the hours that people don’t see and things like that. That phone call and that entire moment, having my family and loved ones around me, was definitely special. I was really happy.”

Moss seems like the perfect fit in Buffalo, where his power running game will pair nicely with speedster Devin Singletary, who Moss already knows well having played against him in high school in Miami.

“[Singletary] hit me up the same night,” Moss said. “So, I’m ready to get out there and get to work with a guy like that. It’s two young guys that want to do a lot of big things in the league.”

With the coronavirus pandemic still in full effect, instead of attending rookie mini-camp with the Bills, Moss is in daily Zoom meetings with Bills coaches, learning the playbook.

“I’m scheduled everyday to meet with my running backs coach and hitting this install day by day, slowly but surely learning the playbook,” Moss said. “They send you and iPad, a playbook, all this stuff so that you’re ready to go. We don’t know if it’s going to be a week, two months, who knows honestly? It’s all just crazy.”

Moss has been mostly well-received by the Bills fans, who have shown their approval of the pick over Twitter and Instagram.

“The Bills fans have embraced me through social media so well,” Moss said. “Any way they can get in contact with me, they’ve done it. It’s really welcoming to know that these fans love the pick and they’re excited for us to be there.”

Moss takes pride in being a part of a Utah class with seven draft picks, 12 including undrafted free agents, and he’s already looking forward to seeing them on the field.

“I was extremely proud and happy,” Moss said. “I was checking, did he go yet, did they go yet? Where did they go, and who am I playing? We’re playing a few of the Utah guys, like Terrell Burgess and Leki Fotu early in the year. So, that’s going to be fun.”

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