‘You can be the greatest, you can be the best’: Utah Down Syndrome Awareness Month music video

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Courtesy: Alecia Holmes

CEDAR HILLS, Utah (ABC4 News) — October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. A month dedicated to recognizing abilities.

Trey Holmes, a 17-year-old from Cedar Hills, Utah is spreading awareness in his own way by creating a music video.

Courtesy: Alecia Holmes

Over the summer Trey launched a Kickstarter called “Project Trey: A Down Syndrome Awareness Music Video.” Trey wanted to make the video to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and inspire hope in the world.

“Like many teenagers with Down syndrome, Trey has overcome health issues, learning disabilities, and difficulties connecting with other kids. The struggles he has overcome in his life are the inspiration for Project Trey,” as stated in the Kickstarter.

Trey’s sister Alecia Holmes says they launched the Kickstarter back in June to raise money for the video then released the video on Oct. 14, 2020. 

See full video below:

When asked why he wanted to produce this video Trey responded with “I wanted to help people with this music video. The song is dedicated to anyone who had a dream. If they work hard enough about that dream, then someday they can stand in the hall of fame.” The video is a cover of “Hall of Fame” by The Script.

Trey says he created this video to encourage others and make them feel good. “I don’t like when bad things happen to people. Hall of Fame tells them they can do it.”

Cosmo The Cougar, the mascot of Brigham Young University, is seen dancing along with Trey in parts of the video. Cosmo was asked to be in the video and accepted. When asked if it makes Trey happy Cosmo agreed to be part of the video Trey responded “more than anything.”

2020 has been a difficult year for many. “This has been a hard year for me personally and this video’s message has become very real for me,” says Trey’s older sister Alecia.

“It’s hard to feel upset when you listen to Trey singing, ‘You can be the greatest, you can be the best.’ Trey believes that we can do it and that confidence is inspiring. While this is a Down syndrome awareness music video, I believe the message applies to everyone going through challenges.” Alecia added.

Alecia says she co-directed the video with Trey and worked closely with him through the entire process. “It has been inspiring to watch him work so hard to achieve his goal. Trey has worked so hard this summer planning production meetings, texting me ideas for the video, trying on costumes, falling asleep on the couch writing thank you notes, and performing for hours at a time during filming. And it’s because Trey believes in this message. He has Down syndrome but he is so much more than that.”

From a sisters preceptive Alecia says this video is important because it allows everyone the chance to get to know and understand Trey. “He has Down syndrome, but that does not define him. He is inspiring and passionate and hilarious and incredible and this video gives others the chance to see that.”

Trey says this video and “Project Trey” helps people have dreams and realize “They can do anything.” When asked how he felt about others reaction to the video Trey said “It makes me feel happy that I can do my dream. It makes me love my future.”

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