SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – 9 years ago, Sherry Black was found murdered in the South Salt Lake bookstore she and her husband owned. The still do not know who killed her.

A vigil was held and her daughter surrounded by support, including the unified police who are asking for the public’s help.

Det. Ben Pender said, “We are looking for the public’s help. I truly believe in this case, that somebody does know something about this.”

Here are the facts-as we know them.

Blood from the suspect, along with his belt, were found inside the book store at the time. But, so far…DNA has not lead to a suspect.

Back in 2017, a Virginia Laboratory, used the DNA from the crime scene, and released images of a possible suspect. The lab used the DNA to break down the possibilities of the suspects ancestry, hair, and skin color. Two years later the family is still desperate for closure.

Police do think somebody knows something. If you have a tip, please Contact Unified Police.  801-743-7000