When can Utah law enforcement use deadly force?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 NEWS)– Four people were killed after a police chase and shootout in South Florida. 

Multiple police agencies cornered two suspects in a UPS truck during the middle of rush hour.  

Police say the suspects held up a jewelry store then took off in the van.  

The two suspects and a bystander were killed.  

Back in April, law enforcement in Utah responded to a similar incident.  

Suspected robber, 37-year-old Harold Vincent Robinson, led police on a highspeed chase.  

Police say deadly force was used to end the chase.  

Law enforcement says there are clear guidelines when using deadly force.  

“The three things we have to look for are ability, opportunity, and jeopardy— does that individual have the ability to cause death or injury?” Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Nick Street said.  

Street says it’s an honor law enforcement do not take lightly.  

 “An officer’s top priority is protecting the community and that’s individuals’ pattern and criminal spree of what they’ve done up to that point is also something officers need to take into account.”  

In the event of any shooting, to stay safe law enforcement say run, hide, or fight.

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