‘We have a dead body’: Diver retrieves cadaver from Murray apartment complex pond

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MURRAY (ABC4 News) – Residents of an apartment complex were on edge Wednesday after the discovery of a man’s body floating in a pond on the property.

A resident of Miller Estates, located at 4800 South and 700 East, told ABC4 News that a maintenance worker spotted the body Wednesday morning and thought it was a Halloween decoration someone had placed in the water. When he swam out to get it, he quickly realized that it wasn’t a dummy but a real person.

Drove video provided to ABC4 by Sule Gowon shows a diver from the Murray City Fire Department retrieving the body from the pond. Now Murray Police are investigating who the man is, how he dies, and how he ended up in the water.

Tenant Michelle Watson told ABC4 News that she had recently seen a suspicious-looking man in the wooded area next to the pond.

“I’ve been seeing a guy the last few nights and there’s a fence right here back over by this tree over here,” Watson said. “He’s dressed in all black and he had bags and once he realized it was like ‘Hey I can see you. What are you doin’?’ then he ran to his car and booked off and now we have a dead body so it’s like something’s going on between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. where people think they can just come over here and do whatever they want. “

Resident Kathy Kalan said she was “nervous” and “scared” about the incident.

“It’s the first time in 40 years since we’ve been here that that’s ever happened that I can ever remember,” Kalan said. “And we’ve seen a lot in 40 years but nothing like this.”

Other residents say they’ve seen transients staying among the trees by the pond and that there have been a lot of break-ins at the complex.

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