SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News)— There are mixed emotions over Thursday’s final presidential debate before the November 3rd election.

The Hinckley Institute of Politics says a majority of Utah voters are already decided and have already voted.

“Both here in Utah and nationally we are at 25% of voter turnout from 2016 we have 300,000 people here in Utah and tens of millions of people nationally, it really does beg the question do the debate dates need to be moved,” Morgan Lyon- Cotti said.

Folks we spoke to agree.

“It would have been nice if it was earlier but no I do not think it was too late, Salt Lake resident Logan Jamison said.

“I think sooner would have been very beneficial a lot of us have already voted,” Bountiful resident Randy Goodrich said.

The candidates debated minimum wage and trade but the pandemic was front and center.

“We are learning to live with it we have no choice,” President Trump said.

“People are learning to die with it,” Joe Biden rebutted.

For others, the Presidential Debate Commissions protocol to mute the candidates mics stood out.

“I was glad they had a mute button,” Salt Lake resident Sandy Timboe said.

The Hinckley Institute says there was no clear winner.

“I think we really saw a draw both candidates preformed a little better than expected,” Morgan Lyon-Cotti said.

Everyone agrees the final debate was more peaceful than the last.

The Presidential Election is in 2 weeks and there is still time to register to vote.

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