UTAH (ABC4) – New research conducted by Babysense has deemed Utah one of America’s healthiest states. 

According to recent research, only 10.3% of children in Utah are obese. This statistic ranks Utah as No. 3 in terms of the states with the lowest childhood obesity rates in America. 

For comparison, in Montana, the state with the lowest childhood obesity rate in the U.S., 10% of children are obese. In Kentucky, the state with the highest childhood obesity rate, 23.8% of children are obese. 

In addition to the state’s childhood obesity rate, the research revealed the following about Utah:

  • Average life expectancy is 79.7
  • Air Quality Index score is 51.2
  • School quality rank is 20 (based off 33 relevant metrics)
  • Homicide rates per 100,00 people is 2.4
  • Firearms deaths per 100,000 people is 12.9