SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A man convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 1997 is now an innocent man after spending approximately 15 years behind bars.

Christopher Wickham was wrongfully convicted in 1997 of two counts of aggravated sexual assault in Salt Lake City. He spent approximately 15 years in prison and was placed on the sex offender registry.

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center began investigating Wickham’s claim of innocence five years ago, and in 2018, attorneys from the Salt Lake City office of Stoel Rives joined them in litigating the case which ultimately showed Wickham to be innocent of all charges.

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center’s investigation uncovered numerous pieces of new evidence such as an alibi confirmation showing he was admitted at a local hospital for an automobile accident at the time of the assault and a statement from the actual perpetrator that Wickham was not present during the assault.

Utah Third District Court Judge Royal I. Hansen signed an order on September 10, 2019, exonerating Mr. Wickham. 

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center said they work to correct and prevent the wrongful conviction of innocent people in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. RMIC advocates for systemic reform to improve the justice system and to create meaningful opportunities for the wrongfully convicted to prove their innocence and to receive compensation for unjust incarceration.

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