SANTA CLARA, Utah (ABC4) – A Washington County man is now in custody after police say he raped a woman, claiming that “God told him to.”

According to a probable cause statement, on Feb. 14, officers responded to a report of a sexual offense out of Santa Clara, Utah.

When officers arrived on scene, they spoke with a 29-year-old woman who claimed that a man had sexually assaulted her and that he had left before officers arrived.

According to a probable cause statement, the suspect, identified as Gabriel Newland Dutson, went to the woman’s home on Feb. 13, changed into her clothes, and then woke her up.

Official documents go on to claim that Dutson then allegedly assaulted the woman, sexually.

“The victim described the pain as that it felt like Gabriel Dutson was ripping flesh off of the victim’s body,” arresting documents read.

The probable cause statement then mentions Dutson reporting to police that when the woman began screaming, he put his fingers down her throat resulting in the woman biting down on his hand. Duston then immediately let the woman go and walked outside.

Arresting documents then say Duston was transported to an area hospital in St.George and after he was cleared from the hospital, he was booked into the Washington County Jail.

Police say as Duston was placed in custody, he informed them that God told him to sexually assault the woman and that he was “frustrated because he failed.”

The documents go on to say Dutson also felt “he knew a way to solve the issue and that he needed to ‘shoot’ the victim with an arrow.”

Officers then go on to report that after conducting the interview, they found Dutson “appearing to be suffering from a mental disorder.”

As of February 14, police have arrested Dutson for charges regarding an assault with substantial bodily injury, aggravated assault, rape, and object rape.