SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – As we get closer to the weekend, the temperatures are going to continue to climb. The high pressure that is camped out of most of the southwestern United States is bringing the heat and making sure there is no moisture relief in sight. We’ll see temperatures well above our seasonal average continuing until Monday when a low-pressure system dips in to cool things off for a little bit.

Friday along the Wasatch Front will see temperatures in the low to mid 90s. Cache Valley will be in the mid 80’s and Park City will be relatively cool in the mid to upper 70s. There is a good chance that we’ll see some records broken this weekend in northern Utah as a chance to hit 100 on Saturday is a possibility. But Sunday night, a low-pressure system comes in and we’ll see temperatures drop about 20 degrees from Sunday to Monday and we’ll have our best chance to see some rain. We’ll be following this closely.

Down south, heat will be a major concern as triple-digit temperatures will stay with us through the weekend. Please be sure to dress for hot weather and keep water around you and your pets – and watch out for others (like the elderly) who could easily be overwhelmed by the heat.

Winds will start picking up during the weekend and we could see some gusts near 50 mph in southeastern Utah. Those winds could cause fire concerns with the dry conditions we’ve had so do what you can to avoid burning if you are out this weekend. Temperatures will dip slightly with a low-pressure system coming in, but not nearly as much as up north, and there is no hope of moisture.

Bottom line? High Pressure leaving us high and dry with plenty of heat through the weekend.

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