Just one day after Intermountain Medical Center received its first Covid-19 patient, Mark Jorgensen of Saint George speaks out.

In a Facebook Live video, Jorgensen talked about his flight from Travis Air Force Base in California to Utah.

“I flew from Sacramento on this cool little learjet,” shared Jorgensen. “It was just me, and the two nurses, and two pilots were the only ones there.”

Jorgensen was previously quarantined in California after testing positive for Covid-19.

He initially was flown there after being exposed to the illness on a Diamond Princess Cruise Ship in Japan.

While at Intermountain, Jorgensen will be in a high-level isolation unit.

“They call it the EPU,” he said in his video.

Intermountain is one of only a few hospitals in the United States with an EPU which stands for Emergency Preparedness Unit.

“This is a specially designed unit on the campus of Intermountain specifically designed to care for emerging infectious diseases,” said Dr. Todd Vento, an Infectious Disease Physician at Intermountain.

Currently, doctors say Mark isn’t showing any Covid-19 symptoms.

“He actually has two tests from his time in California that are still pending from the past few days,” said Dr. Vento.

Hospital officials say they will continue to treat Jorgensen until he begins consistently testing negative for Covid-19.