HILL AIR FORCE BASE (ABC4 News) – It’s not every day you get to be behind the scenes of fighter pilots in action. ABC4’s Jordan Verdadeiro got the opportunity to witness the F-35A Lightning II demonstration at the Hill Air Force Base.

Taking off at over 150 miles per hour in a fighter jet is normal for Air Force Captain, Kristin Wolfe.

“It wasn’t a dream of mine when I was a little kid, but I kind of grew into it and honestly grew to love it,” said Capt. Kristin “BEO” Wolfe.

A newly-certified pilot, Captain Wolfe is the first female pilot for the F35A Demonstration team and this is the first year the team is at Hill Air Force Base.

“The first time I remember actually seeing a woman fly was at Tusculum, Alabama when I saw the Blue Angels come,” said Wolfe.

The practice is for the team’s first appearance at the Yuma Air Show that will take place at Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona.

“The coolest part about it is that you’re the only one going out there to do the demo and to show people on the ground a little bit of what this jet is capable of,” said Wolfe.

The jets are combat-ready. Wolfe wears a G-Suit, to keep her safe.

“Basically when we start pulling G’s and the gravity starts to pull the blood toward our feet, we want to keep it up in the brain. So this suit gives about 1.5 to 2 G’s of protection, it inflates with air as we start to pull G’s and pushes all that blood back up into the brain,” said Wolfe.

If you want to see what the US Air Force has to offer, and its up-to-600-mile-per-hour fighter jets, the F-35 Demo Team will be hosting a show this June.

The F-35 Demo Team will be performing June 27 and 28 for its Air and Space Show, “2020 Warriors over the Wasatch” at Hill Air Force Base here in Utah. Admission and parking will be free. For information on the show, go to www.theutahairshow.com.