YOKOHAMA, Japan (ABC 4 News) – For more than two weeks now, a St. George couple has been quarantined on a cruise ship over concerns about Coronavirus.

Mark Jorgensen is stuck in his room, on a cruise ship, even as his wife Jerri is being quarantined in a Japanese hospital.

“It’s my reality right now,” said Jorgensen.

Jerri, healthy for the first 10 days of quarantine, yesterday tested positive for COVID-19. Now, she’s quarantined in a Japanese hospital while Mark spends his days inside his room.

The diagnosis “added a whole new dimension of excitement and terror and concern,” said Jorgensen.

The cruise ship room, though, won’t be home for much longer. Tomorrow night, a flight chartered by the United States will bring him and hundreds of other Americans on board back to the states.

When they arrive, at Travis Air Force Base in California, Jorgensen will be quarantined again, this time for two weeks.

It is not known how long Jerri will remain in the hospital. 

We will continue to bring you updates on the Jorgensen’s and others on the same shipt who have been affected by this outbreak.

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