University of Utah students closely watching impeachment hearings

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- The Hinckley Institute of Politics at The University of Utah says Utahns will be paying close attention to these public hearings. 

“For the younger generation this is the first time this has happened,” student Jaden Christensen said. 

As lawmakers in Washington meet to decide whether to impeach President Trump, University of Utah student Jaden Christensen says he will be watching to see what happens. 

“I am really interested to hear what the house says it has really big implications,” Christensen said. 

Government officials say it’s the fourth time in U.S history a presidential impeachment inquiry has been launched and made public. 

“Utahns are watching closely; but what they are watching for is the process to see if there is confidence in the testimony that has been given and corroboration in what they have been hearing through that last couple of weeks through closed-door sessions,” Jason Perry director of the Hinckley Institute said. 

The University of Utah says these hearings will help pave the way or future impeachment inquiries.

“We do not have a lot of precedence for what is happening right now even the rules are being developed as the proceedings are occurring,” Perry said. 

The university hopes these hearings allow students like Christensen to develop their own opinion on what should happen to President Trump. 

You can watch the impeachment hearings here.

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