UDOT prepares for pothole season

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Spring brings quite a few changes for the Beehive State and one of those changes is potholes. With the wild swings in our temperatures the ‘freeze-thaw cycle’ begins to take place creating these springtime nuisances.

Lisa Miller, Traveler Information Manager with Utah Department of Transportation, says “we have such a great amount of seasonal variety here in Utah but spring unfortunately means there are going to be potholes on the road.” 

But UDOT is ready to begin tackling this problem as they transition from snow removal to road maintenance. So far in 2021, UDOT has received 39 reports of potholes and has repaired 19 of them.

While potholes can be annoying at best and damaging at worst, you can help UDOT in their efforts to keep our roads safe and smooth. But how would I do that? Is there a way for me to report them to UDOT?

Miller answers, “when drivers see a pothole on one of the UDOT roadways, and UDOT maintains interstates, U.S. highways, and state highway routes, make sure you use our ‘click ‘n fix’ app.” 

The ‘click ‘n fix’ app allows drivers to pinpoint when they find a pothole and enter a report that becomes a work order for the UDOT maintenance crews. It helps them more readily find these problem areas and fill them quicker.

Some may ask how does UDOT fixes these potholes.

They have 2 commonly used methods to repair them, with one being called the “cold patch method.” The cold patch method is when they take asphalt material and use it to fill a shallow pothole that needs to be filled in. Their 2nd method is for deeper potholes. The deeper potholes that begin to impact the structural integrity of the roadway must be closed off and repair the entire section that is damaged.

The process of filling potholes can be minor annoyance for many drivers as it delays and impacts commute times but this is a necessary yet unfortunate side effect of ensuring our roads in Utah are kept in great condition.

“It’s just a seasonal cycle and we want to mitigate those pothole concerns as soon as we can and make sure we can have good roads for the public”, Miller reminds us.

As of last year, UDOT has spent over $1 mill dollars on pothole repairs ensuring everyone in Utah has a safe commute. They also want to remind drivers that if you have a pothole that needs repair in your neighborhood to contact your local municipality.

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