UDOT: ‘If the snowplows are out, please don’t try to pass us’

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Since arriving Thanksgiving morning, a snowstorm has created dangerous conditions on roadways in Salt Lake County increasing the potential for accidents.

“Down in the Valley and the lower canyon area Parley’s, it really dumped a lot of snow,” said Lee Squires of the Utah Department of Transportation.

UDOT has been working to keep roadways clear to create the best conditions possible for the weather.

“Sometimes snow is a little different,” said Squires. “Sometimes you get a little, dry fluffy snow. It blows around on the road. It doesn’t stick as much, and I think that fools people sometimes and they go way too fast for the conditions. It doesn’t take much to get that to stick to the roads and that becomes very slick.”

On Friday, the snow started accumulating on roadways quickly around one o’clock. That’s when crews at the UDOT shed at mile marker 134 off of I-80 East got back on the roads.

“I got called in a little bit earlier this morning so we’ve been here about 14 hours today,” said Squires. “It’s what we do right? The snow is here and we’re here to plow and do what we can. We’re here to try and get the public to get to their destination safely. The best manner possible.”

UDOT does have this piece of advice for drivers. “If the snowplows are out, please don’t try to pass us,” said Squires. “Very dangerous conditions could be in front of us. A lot of times, we throw out a lot of snow. It can get on your windshield and you can’t see for a few moments. You could hit a ditch. You could hit a snowplow.”

UDOT crews are working on average 12-hour shifts to monitor the roadways.


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