SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- Two new U.S. Census Office opened in South Salt Lake and Orem and they are hoping to hire Utahns to help out.

U.S. Constitution requires that every ten years, all people are counted. The population total is the basis for qualifying for federally-funded programs. The state says last census count Utah received $3.2 billion.

In a special session, lawmakers decided to fund the census with $1 million.

Organizers are asking Utahns to get involved.

“One by being aware, but two, this census is very unusual in the fact that we have a very low unemployment rate. We are looking for people who that don’t know they want to work for us.,” Cathy Lacy U.S. Census Bureau said. “We’re looking for those people who graduated from high school and who are really trying to get their first job. Those people who are retired but not really quite ready to retire…we love the retirement population.” 

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Census workers will be looking for folks living in low-visibility or unconventional housing that might be overlooked as primary residences.

For the first time, it will be available online, which will make filling out the form safe and easy for the people of Utah.

Click here to apply.

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