PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — On the latest episode of his podcast, New Heights, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sported the royal blue of BYU, saying he had it on because he lost a bet.

Kelce called it a “good gentlemen’s bet” that took place off the grounds of the NFL facilities. The bet was between a handful of players and staff on the team regarding who would win last Friday’s game between BYU and Cincinnati.

Kelce, who played for the Cincinnati Bearcats during his college years, bet that if his former team lost, he would wear the BYU jersey on the podcast he hosts with his older brother, Jason. If the Bearcats won.

“And of course, if they lost, they all had to drink a beer with me,” joked Travis Kelce. “I’m kidding, they didn’t agree to that. But I did bet them that they would have to go to a Vegas pool party with me, at least.”

Well, on Friday, BYU did come out on top against Cincinnati, winning by a margin of 35-27. Kelce appeared at the top of the show, which dropped on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and more on Wednesday morning, sporting the BYU jersey. The jersey was even customized with Kelce’s name to complete the look.

When Jason asked his younger brother how they got his name on the jersey so fast, Kelce joked saying, “Those Mormons work in mysterious ways, man.”

Travis Kelce said word spread quickly that he would be representing the Utah-based Big12 team. Former NFL tight end and BYU alum Chad Lewis mentioned it to him among a few other BYU alumni players.

“You look great in it, not going to lie,” said Jason.

“I’ll wear it with pride,” said Travis. “Shout out to BYU for getting the dub. Cincinnati, let’s go, baby! Come on, let’s get back on the train. UC!”

Travis Kelce has been the focus of attention for millions in recent weeks after rumors spread of his budding relationship with award-winning artist Taylor Swift. Swift has appeared at a few different Chiefs games, at one point wearing a Chiefs jersey.

The rumors have fueled a rise in awareness for the Kelce brothers’ show. Jason Kelce reported the show became the number one podcast on Apple and Spotify and their Instagram surpassed 1 million followers.