SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — As of midnight, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, KTVX digital channel 4.4 will launch a new channel to the Salt Lake City market — TheGrio.

About TheGrio

(n) grī/ō, ‘grīō: Storyteller. Journalist. Historian. Praise Singer. Poet. Curator. 

TheGrio is a free premium media network delivering news as it happens, award-winning movies, sports, lifestyle, and classic TV shows focused on the African American community. Whether you follow theGrio on this website, cable, your over-the-air digital signal, a mobile app, or streaming, it is relevant, unapologetic, and empowering.

We are a digital media network devoted to giving voice to trusted figures on the front line who inspire us every day, and to fresh perspectives who buck convention because there’s more than one way to be Black. We are the largest Black newsroom in America devoted to satisfying the need to stay connected. We believe a well-informed community best determines its own interests. And so, TheGrio’s editorial mandate is to focus on news and events with a pronounced impact on a Black global audience. From Kampala to Atlanta, TheGrio is Black culture amplified. Find us everywhere you watch, any way you want to watch. 

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Mobile available on iOS and Android devices.