SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – All Tracy Anderson wanted was to live her life peacefully.

And she told the board of pardons she can’t have that kind of life if Jimmy Harker is released from prison.

In 1995, Anderson was estranged from Harker. But he refused to accept the end of their relationship.

Anderson moved in with Brent Winters and Harker couldn’t live with that.

At a camper trailer outside of Heber City, Harker arrived and shot and killed Winters. He also shot Anderson but she survived.

Harker was charged with his murder and attempted murder. He was sentenced to six years and up to life in prison for each of the two crimes.

18 months ago, Harker appeared for a parole hearing but was denied his release. On Tuesday, he was back for a second time, pleading his case.

“I’ve accepted responsibility from day one,” Harker told the hearing officer. “I’ve stood up like a man and I’ve made myself a better person while I’ve been in prison.”

But Brent Winters’ mother was also present and scolded Harker for taking Brent’s chances of living a full life.

“I really don’t know how I am supposed to feel about you,” said Marilyn Winters. “I really want to hate you. But I am not a person who hates and each day I try to understand what I’m supposed to feel and do.”

Harker was holding back tears when he was asked to respond.

“I can understand how they feel because I would feel the same if someone had killed my son and my father,” he said.

Anderson who survived the shooting left the area after Harker was sent to prison. She has kept her life private, fearful Harker would one day find her if he is released from prison.

“Releasing Jimmy from prison discounts the severity of actions and infers that life has no meaning,” she said. “Brent was the most amazing human being and the world is a different place without him. I will never have peace. Please help me to feel safe.”

It could take several weeks before the entire board of pardons decides on Harker”s request for parole.