SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Reed Christensen’s murder remains unsolved.

He was found dead in 2018 and technically it has become a cold case.

The case has had some unusual twists and turns including the arrest of his wife for his murder. But that never materialized.

It began in July 2018 when North Salt Lake police responded to a suspicious death at his residence.

Inside the home, police found Christensen dead. He was shot once in the head.

Police found the home in disarray giving the appearance of a robbery.

Five months later, his wife, Cynthia Knight-Christensen was arrested for aggravated murder and obstruction of justice.

During the police interviews, detectives claimed there were several “inconsistencies” with her story. Witnesses told police that she told them they had an “argument and she shot him.” Those witnesses also discussed her “alibi” with them.

But in her interview with police, Knight-Christensen “denied killing him.”

Despite early allegations by police, she was never charged with murder. She did accept a plea bargain with the reduced charge of obstruction of justice and was sent to prison.

She’s now eligible for parole and talked about her relationship with her husband during a recent parole hearing.

“(Domestic violence) was normal to our relationship,” she told the hearing officer. “I know it’s wrong for me to say this, but I loved him, and he supported me and he did have an anger problem.”

The pair had been married for several years and despite the turmoil between them, Knight-Christensen claimed she still loved him and stayed with him.

North Salt Lake investigated her version of events. They used GPS tracking on his vehicle and learned they had been at a restaurant in Murray the night he was murdered.

She said they had dinner, got into a fight and she left him. She eventually made it to her son’s apartment.

“I went to my son’s and spent the night and the next morning I used the neighbor’s phone to try to call my husband to see if he had calmed down,” she said. “He didn’t answer at home or work or his cellphone.”

She returned to their North Sale Lake home and went inside only to find her husband dead on the floor.

“The people that did this, I think they forgot to take my computer because it was sitting on the floor and I grabbed that, ran to the neighbors, and called 911.”

The hearing officer was curious why she would do that with her husband lying dead on the floor.

Knight-Christensen had a long history of fraud, writing bad checks and other crimes. She said she didn’t want police to find stolen documents on her laptop.

During the parole hearing, she was asked who actually killed her husband. She said there’s three people.

“This is kind of embarrassing to say but she was my drug dealer,” she said. “He was her fiancee (and) he was somebody that lived at their house who was also a heroin addict.”

Knight-Christensen actually offered the hearing officer the names of the three possible suspects. But ABC4 will not publish those names because they have not been arrested.

Thursday in part two of this unsolved murder, the connection, motive, and the investigation of these three possible suspects.