SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Danny Edmonds left his home in Salem one night in 1995 and vanished.

For 25 years, Edmonds’ father has hoped that somehow he will get answers.

“It’s a sad story,” Charles Edmonds said. “It’s hard.”

In August, 1995 authorities in Utah County did an extensive search for evidence.  But could only come up with one conclusion.

“It doesn’t appear to be any foul play for his disappearance,” said Jason Jensen with the Utah Cold Case Coalition.

Jensen obtained copies of police reports from 1995. In those reports Jensen learned that Edmonds talked with a neighbor who became suspicious of him.  

“He kept eyeing the neighbors mountain bike,” Jensen said. Later that night, he took the mountain bike according to police reports.  Why he left is still a mystery to his father.

“He was worried about people coming after him,” said the elder Edmonds.  “I’m not sure if it was drug dealers or in his own mind.  All sorts of things were going through his head to tell you the truth.”

Jensen said the police reports indicated that Edmonds had medical issues.

Authorities did search several areas in the Diamond Fork Canyon area of Utah County.

“They did an extensive search with search and rescue dogs,” said Jensen. “Never finding the bike, never finding him.  The only thing they know is the Bronco (vehicle) was left at Tinney Flat campground.”

The elder Edmonds was there during the 1995 search.

“We scouted the area and it was raining pretty hard and search and rescue could not look down (the cliff) and stuff like that .”

The search for Edmonds turned futile and over the years his disappearance turned into a cold case. 

His face, name and story are listed on several national networks of missing persons.  But after 25 years no one comes forward with any information about Edmonds’ disappearance. 

Jensen said the prevailing theory was that he had an accident.

“If he were riding a mountain bike either up or down the canyon in the middle of the night, it’s kind of dangerous,” Jensen said.  “If he doesn’t have lights its really easy to go off the road.”

For Charles Edmonds, these past 25 years have been difficult.  He has tried to move on, enjoying his grandchildren and being with family.  But he said deep inside, his heart is broken.

“If you haven’t been through this yourself, you never know what it’s like.” said an emotional Edmonds.

Jensen said his organization, the Utah Cold Case Coalition will renew efforts to search for him.  He said they’ve targeted areas where Edmonds may have gone off the cliff.

“I’m grateful for that,” Edmonds said. “Some people still care.”