SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – A high-profile suspected killer emerged for the first time in 15 years.

De Kieu Duy is facing charges related to the 1999 KSL Triad shooting that left one person dead, another wounded and scores of people terrified.

Duy has never gone to trial after being declared incompetent.

She was 24 years old at the time of her arrest and for past two decades, Duy has been confined at the state hospital.

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“I’ll call the Duy matter,” said Judge Heather Brereton, Monday during a video conference hearing.

Her attorneys were present as well as prosecutors from the Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office.

Duy is now 45 years old and appeared from a video connection at the state hospital. Behind her were several people who appeared to be with the state hospital.

In 1999, she was arrested after entering Salt Lake City’s Triad Center and demanded to see a news anchor with KSL.

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She was never able to get into the newsroom but fired several shots. She wounded a security guard and missed several others. Duy went to another floor where she shot and killed Ann Sleater, an AT&T employee.

She was found incompetent after being charged with aggravated murder and other related charges.

Fifteen years since her last public appearance Duy sat silently Monday as the judge wanted to hear of her mental state, but there was a request for another delay from the defense. Her attorney requested 90 days in order for Duy to be evaluated again.

“We anticipate a renewed additional forensic examination by Dr. Golding,” said Mike Peterson.

And with that another delay was granted.

Duy will remain at the hospital waiting for yet another evaluation. She is scheduled to return to court in September.