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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It was a wish from two men.

In 2016, Shane Wright helped his father in an assisted suicide.  Wright was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for one to 15 years in prison.  He’s now eligible for parole.

“If I could go back (in time) I would,” Wright said at his recent parole hearing.  “It’s not that I wouldn’t because it’s terrible.  I love him and I miss him so much.”

In prison, Wright said there’s lots of time to think and he said he replayed that day over and over.

Back then, authorities got a 911 call from a frantic person.  According to Unified Police, Wright called and said it was a suicide and that he helped.

Before the night was over, Wright was under arrest for strangling his dad and placing a pillow over his head.

He was charged with murder but later accepted a plea bargain that put him in prison for manslaughter.

He told the hearing officer that his father was mentally unstable and had been battling depression for a long time.  His father received treatment and was released. Wright said he appeared to be on the mend.

Shane Wright was living in Oregon when he received a call from his father.  He said his father sounded desperate so he immediately returned to Holladay to be with him.

“He was saying things I had never heard before,” said Wright.  “He was a man of faith, an extreme man of faith.  He was talking about God not being there and absent, all these things.  It was really alarming for me.”

The two were alone at Bryan Wright’s home.  He claimed his father was in great pain and asked for one last wish.

“He took my hands he said ‘please,’” Wright said.  “He looked me in the eyes and said ‘please.’  I knew what he was asking and it really disturbed me.  I ended up, I ended up ending his life.”

Wright’s mother, Laura Klein attended the virtual parole hearing.  She supported her son and asked that he be paroled.

“He’s grown into a man whose got a conscience and he cares deeply and he has such a desire to be a contributing member of society,” said Klein.

He entered prison in February 2019.  Since then he took self-improvement courses and was a model prisoner. He said he now understood the hurt he put his family through and knows his log on that day was wrong.

I don’t know why it had to happen that way,” he said.  “I  don’t know why I made that choice.  The only thing it could be is that at that moment I wanted to help him.”

The crime was Wright’s only blemish on his record.  He had never been in trouble before.  The Utah board of pardons granted Shane Wright his wish.  He’ll be paroled on December 15.

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