SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It was a typical Monday morning for Austin Lockey.

By the end of the day, it wasn’t normal. He was found dead at his desk and his family is unsatisfied with the police investigation and is still seeking answers.

“My brother Austin, he’s a former marine, served our country over in Afghanistan,” said his brother, Isaiah Parramore.

When Lockey was 9-years-old, his brother said he wanted to be a machine gunner with the Marine Corps. He provided a picture of Lockey holding a machine gun at a young age.

Lockey appeared to be an all-American boy.

“Throughout his life he’s been against drugs, alcohol, cigarettes,” said Parramore. “He had not partaken in those things, very healthy, very fit, lots of exercise.”

On January 4, 2021, Lockey went to work at his Salt Lake City business.

He was a partner in the Infantry Defense Systems company.

They made and sold weapons to clients including foreign countries.

Lockey was first at work judging from another picture Parramore provided. His pickup was the only one in the underground parking lot.

Parramore said his brother went upstairs to his office and once there, began his workday.
But that Monday morning was to be Lockey’s last day alive.

“He got there Monday, January 4 and was gone, dead at his desk,” said Michael Gunn, a private investigator. “He put his head down and he was dead. Those that found him or saw him, thought he was asleep.”

Gunn was hired by Parramore to investigate his death.

This happened after the family wasn’t satisfied with the Salt Lake City police investigation.

“The response (by police) has been slow and difficult,” Parramore said. “It feels like pulling teeth. Initially, when he was found dead, police did not section off the area. They did not conduct a full forensic investigation of the area and that is not fully acceptable.”

A spokesman for Salt Lake City police said the department is still investigating the case and had no comment beyond that.

Lockey’s death certificate by the state medical examiner was of little help.

The crucial cause of death was “pending” according to the signed death certificate.

“They strongly believe it was a homicide,” said Gunn. “But they are struggling to find out what was used to poison him.”

But for now, there’s no evidence of Lockey being poisoned. Thursday, a closer look at the medical report and why police are struggling to get answers, according to Parramore.