SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Tyerell Przybycien had a desire to watch someone die. And in the end, he found the perfect victim, a friend who was suicidal.

The 19-year-old is now in prison for child homicide. For detectives, it was one of the most bizarre crimes they had ever encountered.

In rarely seen police interviews, Przybycien told detectives the shocking story involving the death of Jchandra Brown.

It began in May 2017 with a 911 call.

“They gave me the location, Maple Lake,” said Sgt. Quin Fackrell. “The deputy advises me what they found.
They led me to where her body was located. She’s still in the tree, has a noose around the neck.”

Utah County detectives would later learn they were looking at Brown, a 16-year-old hanging from a tree. It appeared to be a suicide. Sgt. Fackrell oversaw the investigation of Brown’s death.

“She has a few items on the ground near her,” he recalled. “There was a couple of grocery sacks. There was a shirt and an air duster on the ground.”

Inside the grocery bag was a note written by Brown. It read: “I hated my life. Goodbye (expletive) world. Watch the video. It’s on my phone.”

“I powered on the phone, the phone was not locked,” Fackrell said. “Within the video that plays, you see her standing on the pedestal with the noose around her neck. It just shows her lose her life, right there on the video. But you also hear a male individual.”

Someone had recorded Brown hanging herself.

“How can somebody sit there and do nothing and not help to stop this situation,” Fackrell wondered.

For detectives, the question became who recorded this horrific video. Next to the rock that she used to lift herself to the noose was a receipt.

“On the receipt was a name of the credit card holder and that name was Tyerell Przybycien.”

The receipt was for the rope purchased from a store in Spanish Fork.

As detectives continued to process the scene, Przybycien and a friend showed up. Prybyzien was taken in for questioning.

In the police interview, Przybycien explained how it reached this point.

Przybycien: “We had talked about this before. She had a boyfriend who wanted nothing to do with her anymore.”

Detectives later learned Brown and Przybycien were casual acquaintances but became friends during the final weeks of her life.

According to the police recording, he claimed Brown came up with the plan to end her life.

Przybycien: “On the way up she just kept saying, she kept telling me ‘I’ve lost feeling for everything Tyerell. I feel nothing.’ And I said ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ And she said ‘Yeah, it’s time.'”

Friday in part two of the deadly friend why did Przybycien agree to this morbid crime? His reasoning shocks detectives.