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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – He claimed to be a changed man.

Justin Gary Llewelyn may get to prove that, but he’ll have to do it in prison.

He was recently sentenced to a minimum of 16-years to life in prison for a 2018 crime that he committed in two counties.

“I am grateful that it didn’t go worse than it did,” Llewelyn said at his recent sentencing.

Back in 2018, authorities were searching for Llewelyn.  He was suspected of several burglaries in the south end of the Salt Lake valley.

When a sheriff deputy traced suspicious footprints in the snow, he heard gunfire and called for backup. Another officer arrived and was soon shot at.  Llewelyn entered a home in Herriman and burglarized it before he was confronted by the homeowner.  Llewelyn shot the man and fled.  For the moment, he escaped the police.

But police knew his identity and questioned his associates and his own mother.  But no one would divulge Llewelyn’s whereabouts. Eventually, Llewellyn’s mother, aunt, and sister were charged with obstruction of justice.

Four days later, Llewelyn was spotted in Herriman again and police pursued him.  He refused to stop and took them on a high-speed chase into Utah County. 

They reached speeds of over 80-miles an hour.  When he reached Spanish Fork, the plan was to spike his tires.  He eventually crashed into a law enforcement vehicle that was parked in the middle of main street and was arrested.

Llewelyn was charged with numerous crimes but accepted a plea bargain in which burglary charges were dismissed. But the more serious charges of attempted aggravated homicide remained.
At his recent sentencing, Llewelyn apologized and appeared to understand the gravity of his crime.

“I am grateful that nobody died,” Llewelyn said prior to being sentenced.  “I am very sorry.”

He has a long history of crime.  It began when he was 17-years old when he was arrested for drug possession.  Two years later he was arrested for theft and running from police.  Even after he was arrested for this most recent crime, he was charged with assaulting a jail cellmate. He admitted that drugs were at the root of his problem.

“I made some mistakes,” he said.  “I have to learn to deal with the issues with my brain and my thoughts and I will do that.”

But in prison.  The two charges of attempted aggravated murder will run consecutively according to the judge.  When combined, Llewelyn was sentenced to 16-years and up to life in prison.

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