SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – An internal review is being conducted in the Brooklyn Tyree case.

Tuesday, her family was notified that she had been murdered and her ex-boyfriend was in custody.

Her family is upset that Salt Lake Police didn’t take their missing persons report seriously. An independent review board is now investigating the way the case was handled.

Deanna Tyree, a sister said police wasted valuable time and it may have cost Brooklyn her life.

“We feel like it,” said Tyree. “We really feel like she may have been alive today, at least have a better chance.”

Brooklyn Tyree was turning her life around. Prior to giving birth, she was living in the streets according to her sister.

“(She was) struggling to get her life put together, said Tyree. “She changed as a person (after the birth of the baby). I couldn’t have been more proud of her.”

One of Brooklyn’s many changes included ending her relationship with Brandon Zipperle who is now jailed and awaiting murder charges.

Tyree’s sister said Brooklyn feared for her and baby Braxton’s life being around Zipperle.

“Anytime they were together during their relationship, he was very abusive to her, very controlling and manipulative,” the sister said. “(He was) trying his best to separate her from her family.”

Late Friday, authorities in Tooele County were notified of a body. It was Brooklyn and she had been shot in the head.

According to a probable cause statement Zipperle “admitted to shooting the victim, hiding the … body and pawning the firearm.”

Despite his arrest, Tyree’s family was still upset that a Salt Lake City police officer refused to follow up on the leads they gathered.

“He told us that that’s a lot for us to follow up on why don’t you just do that,” Tyree said.

The family got help from Rocky Anderson, a family friend and former attorney.

He sent a biting letter to the mayor and police chief. It read in part …. the family gave police “very troubling information about Brook’s disappearance. About Baby Braxton suddenly being with Brandon Zipperle.”

“They told the family ‘don’t you know that we’re busy,'” Anderson claimed. “They told the family … when family members offered a photograph of Brooklyn, their response was ‘we don’t need those. Everybody knows Brooklyn.'” (It was) in the most condescending manner.”

In a statement, Salt Lake Police offered condolences to Tyree’s family, outlined the officer’s work on the case and indicated a review board is the mayor is now requesting an investigation into how the case was handled.

Salt Lake City Police Statement on Missing Person’s Case:

The Salt Lake City Police Department takes all community complaints seriously. This is a tragic case and our condolences go out to the family and friends of Brooklyn Tyree.

To ensure our investigation into the missing person’s case was professional, respectful, thorough, and in line with our community’s expectations, we will comprehensively review the steps taken by our department. We welcome and will fully cooperate with the Salt Lake City Police Civilian Review Board with any requests they have pursuant to the Mayor’s direction for this independent body to review these allegations.

The Salt Lake City Police Department is fully cooperating with the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office on their suspicious death investigation.

This remains an ongoing investigation on multiple fronts. The Salt Lake City Police Department knows our community wants more answers about the handling of this case. Those answers will come through the appropriate investigative mechanisms in place. However, we must respect and preserve the integrity of the ongoing criminal investigation. As such, the Salt Lake City Police Department cannot release any additional information at this time aside from the timeline below:

Other Information

Thursday May 5, 2022
5:11 PM – Missing person’s case generated. This is the first report made to the SLCPD about Brooklyn Tyree.

The caller advised SLCPD that Brooklyn and her son were going to Tooele to meet up with someone on Tuesday (May 3) and hadn’t been heard from since.

Because there was no information indicating a crime had been committed or that there was an immediate danger to either individual, the call was assigned as a Priority 3.
A missing, at-risk person is assigned as a Priority 1.

Thursday May 5, 2022
Approx. 8:30 PM – SLC911 checked with Tooele County to see if they have any information on Brooklyn.

Tooele Co. advised there were no recent reports. They further advised there wasn’t enough information to do an Attempt to Locate.

SLC911 & SLCPD also checked a local hospital in Tooele Co. to see if Brooklyn was admitted.

SLC911 & SLCPD checked four other local hospitals to see if Brooklyn was admitted.

Thursday May 5, 2022
8:45 PM – SLC911 advised the original complainant that an officer had been assigned the case and would be out to Brooklyn’s residence as soon as possible.

Thursday May 5, 2022
9:27 PM – The initial patrol officer arrived at Brooklyn’s apartment complex to meet with multiple family members and to gain an understanding of the situation. The officer had already been assigned the case prior to arrival and investigative steps were already taken as described above.

After meeting with family members and further investigation, there was no articulable qualification, at the time, which met the department’s criteria for a missing persons entry in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

The police report was generated and reviewed by a supervisor.
Additionally, the initial officer checked common places in the city for Brooklyn’s whereabouts.

Friday May 6, 2022
An SLCPD officer met with a family member of Brooklyn’s who provided additional information. This information was documented by the officer and the officer contacted Tooele County to help further the investigation in locating Brooklyn.

May 8 – May 9, 2022
Officers with the SLCPD continued their investigation into the case and continued to speak with individuals who could assist with the missing person’s case.

May 9, 2022
As the investigation progressed, and as additional information was obtained, Brooklyn was listed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) because the disappearance was now considered suspicious in nature.

May 9, 2022
SLCPD detectives continued with their investigation and the SLCPD Crime Lab assisted with the case, which included collecting evidence.

May 9, 2022
The SLCPD Public Relations Unit is contacted by KUTV asking if the department could confirm a missing person’s report was made. The SLCPD confirmed a report had been made.

May 10, 2022
The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the SLCPD that Brooklyn’s body was located in a rural area under suspicious circumstances.

The SLCPD is fully cooperating with Tooele County on the death investigation.

Body-worn camera video from this case is not being released as this remains an active investigation.
No further information can be released at this time.