SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Frustration and anger is setting in among members of the McFalls family.

In 2018, Jerry and Susan McFalls disappeared from their second home in Littlefield Arizona. They primarily live in West Jordan.

Their remains were discovered in a shallow grave in late 2018. Susan McFalls was immediately identified but her husbands were officially identified this week by Nevada authorities.

But who murdered the couple is still unknown.

“These two people were killed in cold blood and dumped in the desert and there is nothing being done about it,” said grandson Kayden McFalls.

A spokesperson for Mojave County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation is active but has not named anyone as suspects.

“No one has been ruled out,” said Anita Mortensen with the sheriff’s office.

Not even family members she added.

But some relatives are starting to accuse each other. The grandson and others are now questioning whether his own uncle and his wife were involved.

He said he became suspicious after talking with volunteer searchers who attended a vigil for his grandparents.

“Meridee and Jerry (were) telling them that that area of the desert would be a waste of time to search because it had already been searched,” said Kayden McFalls. “It had not been searched.”

A private investigator has also been looking into the case of the missing couple. David Bounsall of Las Vegas said he heard similar statements from searchers.

“11-witnesses, not hearsay, 11-witnesses were told by them not to search the area where the bodies were,” said Bounsall.

The grandson said at the time, Merridee and Jerry junior were in financial trouble
and suffering business losses.

Both Bounsall and Kayden McFalls claimed that may be the motive behind the murders.

“Money is the biggest thing any of us can think of is money,” McFalls said, “My grandma and grandpa talked about writing Jerry and Meridee completely out of the will and putting Ethan their other grandson solely in it.”

He said his grandparents lawyer was preparing documents to remove them from their will.

“My grandma made sure everyone knew of her intent,” he said.

Then there’s the mystery of a silver SUV seen at the McFalls near the time the couple disappeared.

According to Bounsall, Meridee McFalls denied any knowledge of one.

“One time she yelled at all of us and there are several witnesses to this, there is no f’ing SUV, leave it alone you’re wasting time,” Bounsall said.

The private investigator said he later learned the SUV belonged to Meridee’s long-time co-worker.

“We’ve had an abundance of lies and misdirection from them (Meridee and Jerry Jr.), Bounsall said. “And it’s all factual. Everything we’ve talked about is all factual.”

Kayden McFalls said Meridee and Jerry Jr. have refused to answers their concerns and respond by accusing nearly everyone in the family of committing the murders.

“They just have too many flaws in their stories,” he said.

The grandson said he was even arrested by West Jordan police for trying to change the locks of his grandparents’ home.

“She (Meridee) called police,” he said. “They were smirking when they arrived and saw that police had me in handcuffs.”

Meridee McFalls said all the allegations made by Kayden and Bounsall are rumors with no substantiation.

“Kayden was never around and (Bounsall) is just an armchair detective,” McFalls said.

She said they were not facing financial problems, never declared bankruptcy and lost their businesses (auto repair and bowling alley) because the properties were sold.

“We weren’t cut from the will,” she said. “Jerry (Jr.) was on good terms with his parents.”

There are allegations from both the grandson and Bounsall that cash was taken from the homes of the elder McFalls. Bounsall claimed it was $80,000.

“There was no money missing,” said Meridee McFalls. “There’s no $80,000 missing in any police reports. There’s no $20,000 missing from the house in West Jordan.”

Bounsall said he discovered that Meridee and Jerry Jr. would soon be in charge of a large amount of money from oil royalties that Susan McFalls is in charge of.

“Everyone knew who was in the grave,” said Bounsall. “There was no active searches going on after the bodies were found. They needed the confirmation to get a death certificate and allows them to be in charge of the royalties.”

Meridee McFalls said that allegations are not true.

“I don’t know how to answer that,” she said. “It’s just not true.”

She also said she was not trying to steer volunteer searchers away from the area where the bodies were found.

“I had no idea where to search,” she said. “But it didn’t make sense to search near the interstate. That’s not where someone would bury bodies.”

As for the silver SUV seen by neighbors when the McFalls went missing, Meridee said that wasn’t the vehicle authorities were looking for.

“It was a silver sedan,” she said. “I didn’t know anything about a silver sedan. This is a terrible situation (murders) and then to be accused of being involved, it’s quite hurtful.”