The Justice Files: Rape survivor will not be ‘shamed’

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – He sought women on Facebook and was upfront with his request.

Seth Adams asked to have sex with women in order to know if it could develop into a relationship.

That’s what Camille Hausner claimed happened to her. Hausner’s allegations landed Adams in jail.

Hausner was raped and stalked by Adams last year.  It was some of the numerous charges the Utah County attorney’s office filed against him.  Adams is already on Utah’s sex offender registry for a 2012 incident in which he had sex with an underage female.  

But Hausner didn’t know any of Adams past when she first met him on a group Facebook page. 

“Seth messaged me over Facebook in March,” Hausner said.  “I don’t think they would allow anyone in who are sketchy and we hung out a couple of times.”

They kept in touch with more texts and soon invited him over for dinner understanding he needed to go to work that night.

“(But) we just didn’t click really,” she said.  “The conversation didn’t go nowhere.”

There were more texts throughout the months and one day, Hausner said a text got her attention.

but they stay in touch and one day adams is 

“He asks if I would be interested in sleeping with him,” she said.

She said he explained that sleeping with someone is the only way to learn if a relationship is possible.

“I told him no, that’s not how I work,” Hausner said.

Adams went away or so thought Hausner.  In August he renewed his texts, again asking for sex.

“He became aggressive,” she said.  “He just wanted a hookup (sex), no emotion.”

She blocked him on Facebook.  But Hausner said he was relentless and continued texting with the same request: sex.

Thats when she approached the organizer of the Facebook group page and learned Adams was kicked off the page because he allegedly demanded the same thing from other women.

Adams found where Hausner lived.  She was surprised because she used a pseudo-name on social media and never mentioned her address.

He showed up as Hausner was on the phone with the organizer of the Facebook group page.

Hausner said she invited him in hoping to bring him to his senses.  But once again it was all about sex.

“He explained to me once again he no longer wants a relationship he just wants to hook up,” she said.  “He just wanted to have sex with no strings attached.”

She suggested he see a therapist and Hausner said it only angered him. She felt trapped in her own apartment.

“I asked if this is going to hurt and I asked if is this my only choice?” she recalled their conversation.  “He says ‘I guess so’ and I say I guess I have to then.”

Hausner said she said because she was afraid he could become violent.  He took her to the bed and Adams had sex with her.

Meanwhile, listening to all this was the Facebook group organizer, Krystal Elrick.  She said she didn’t know Hausner that well and had no idea of her address in order to call 911.

“I was so frustrated because I couldn’t do anything,” Elrick said.  “And I was upset because somebody thought it was okay to do something like that.”

Adams left or so Hausner thought.  She started to cry and Adams re-entered her room.  According to Hausher, Adams wanted to know what she was planning on doing.  He soon left.

He later texted her again.

“He texted me and saying sorry for ruining your night,” she said.

Elrick convinced Hausner to file a police report with Provo police.

Consent became an issue but the Utah County prosecutor eventually charged Adams with rape, stalking, and other crimes.

In February, he accepted a plea deal in which rape charges were dropped.  But Adams agreed to forcible sex abuse and sexual battery.

According to court documents, both sides agreed and recommend Adams will get probation, no sex offender treatment, and will wear an ankle monitor instead of going to jail.

Hausner claimed she felt forced to agree to the conditions.

“I was bullied into it,” she said. “I didn’t know there was a way to agree or not agree.”

Hausner never knew Adams was  on the sex offender registry for molesting a girl in 2012.

He was sent to prison in 2014 and two years later went before the board of pardons to claim he had learned his lesson.

“I want to make sure that the way I interpret it (conversation)  is the correct way that  they intended,” he told the hearing officer.  “I make sure that I do that a lot now.  I rarely assume anymore.”

Camille Hausner may find that statement from five years ago hard to believe.

“I don’t have any reason to be ashamed for a crime I didn’t commit and I would hope that sharing my name and sharing my face might empower someone else.”

The prosecutor representing the Utah County attorney’s office did not return ABC4’s request to explain the conditions of the plea bargain.

Adams was supposed to be sentenced Wednesday before Judge Thomas Low in Utah County.

But late Monday, Adams’ attorney filed a motion to continue the hearing for a later date.  Judge Low has yet to rule on the motion.

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