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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Roger Bilek doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

Bilek is facing up to 15-years in prison for charges related to his dealings with women.

In 2014, Sandy police responded to a 911 call.  When they arrived they found a woman who had left Bilek’s home.  The homeowner gave her a blanket to cover herself.  She was naked when she left Bilek’s home.

“She claimed she had been held against her will by you,” said a hearing officer with the Utah Board of Pardons.

Bilek has been in prison since 2016 and he was up for parole when he talked about his case before the hearing officer.

Police said the woman was “crying and many injuries were seen on her boy,” according to the 2014 charges.  The woman said she was held against her will and was “physically and sexually assaulted.”  She also told police that the man, later identified as Bilek, offered her a room at his home for $300.  She also claimed Bilek supplied her with methamphetamines.  

But following an argument she tried to leave but couldn’t open the door.  She said Bilek threatened to kill her telling her “you’re going to have sex with me” and if she didn’t he would “rape” her.

The woman also said she was taken down stairs and was sexually abused.  Each time she tried to leave, the woman claimed Bilek threatened her life. 

But one night she left at around two in the morning and ran to a nearby home.  Police were then notified.

He was charged with rape, object rape, aggravated assault, possession of drugs and sexual battery.

But the charges were later dismissed because the victim failed to appear for court.

“(That was) completely inaccurate,” Bilek said during his parole hearing.  “That was her statement.  She refused to testify on several occasions and disappeared before the trial.”

But Bilek was again charged in 2014 for a similar crime with another woman he met.  She managed to escape and gave a similar story to police.  In 2016, he pleaded no contest to kidnapping and was sent to prison.

Bilek also was charged in 2016 for forcible sex abuse, voyeurism, and drugs.  When police talked with the 21-year old woman she was unaware Bilek’s phone contained numerous pictures of her unconscious and naked.  The charging documents also claimed there were pictures showing the unconscious woman’s hand on his genitals and penis.

But a jury only found Bilek guilty of possession of drugs.

During his parole hearing, Bilek said he was setup by his ex-wife and implied the woman were paid by her. 

“I’ve been accused of all kinds of things,” he said. “This is all part of my divorce, nasty divorce.  My wife promised me this scenario that I am going to end up in the prison.”

As for the alleged victims who claimed he assaulted, choked, and sexually attacked them, Bilek denied that ever happened.

He’s been in prison for more than five-years.  According to his record, he has no write ups and is a model prisoner and wants a parole to prove he’s right.

“I would like to prove that I am not emotionally or physically (a) threat to society or any individual,” he told the hearing officer.

The Board of Pardons set a parole date of January 2022.  But as a condition of his release, he must undergo treatment and participate in programs that will help him become a better person.

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