SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Police now want to know more of the two possible persons of interest uncovered by ABC4.

The case involves the cold case murder of Rosie Tapia. She was kidnapped and murdered in 1995. Police are keeping mum about this latest development but the family’s private investigator has been at the center of their inquiry.

“They’ve taken a particular shine to it because it fits their model of their person of interest,” said Jason Jensen who has been investigating the case on behalf of the Tapia family.

As first reported last week on The Justice Files it all focuses on Rosie’s bedroom window. In 1995, she was kidnapped while sleeping. Her body was found in a nearby canal the next day.

Last week, The Justice Files reported on Danny Woodland who admitted to using the bedroom window to sneak in the home and pay Rosie’s older sister a late-night visit. At the time, Woodland said the bedroom belonged to Rosie’s sister. The 6-year-old later moved into the bedroom after the sister moved out of the home.

“I knew my girls always snuck in people through the window, but I really didn’t know who was sneaking in the window,” Lewine Tapia, Rosie’s mother said.

When the recent composite appeared first on The Justice Files, Woodland saw the resemblance of a friend who also knew of the window.

This was part of an interview with Woodland:
Marcos: “Was he aware of the window?”
Woodland: “Yeah, yeah, he saw me climb in it.”
Marcos: “Did he ever go through that window as far as you know?”
Woodland: “Not that I recall, to be honest with you.”
Marcos: “Did he ever visit Rosie’s apartment?”
Woodland: “Yeah, he went with me.”

The family’s private investigator said this latest information has the attention of police.

“They’ve always believed and maintained that Rosie’s suspect was likely someone related or associated to the family,” Jensen said.

The private investigator said the department’s hierarchy, including the police chief, has been in contact with him about this information.

Jensen said they requested pictures of the two possible persons of interest. Those were picked separately in photo lineups. The first was with a witness who helped create this latest composite. The second possible person of interest was picked by another of Rosie’s sisters.

“That (friend of Woodland) really got the police’s interest and to my understanding, they are acting on it pretty actively,” Jensen said.

He also said the investigation is not being conducted by one detective but a “whole team.”