SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Paul Allen failed to appear for his first parole since he was convicted of having his wife murdered.

Allen has been in prison for 22-years after a jury found him guilty of hiring two hit men to kill her. They did so in 1996 at their North Salt Lake apartment.

Tuesday would have been Jill Allen’s family’s chance to tell him directly that they still want him in prison, but Allen didn’t hear what Andrea Myler said before the hearing office.

“I want you to spend the rest of your life in prison,” said Myler, Jill’s mother. “The only thing you had of any value was your wife and she was priceless. What do you have now? You have nothing.”

In 1996, Allen offered two hit men $10,000 to kill his wife. Prosecutors claimed Paul Allen would cash in on a $250,000 life insurance policy.

From the outset and even now, Paul Allen claimed he was innocent and that the two men he supposedly hired robbed his home and killed her when she surprised them.

The parole hearing continued with out him and Jill’s mother wanted the hearing officer to know he wasn’t innocent and that violence at the household was building.

“I don’t miss her calling me and telling me how mean you were and how unhappy she was,” said Myler. “I didn’t know what to tell her. Being married to you (was) the worst years of her life.”

George Taylor was one of the two men Allen hired to kill his wife. He was convicted of murder and remains in prison following a sentence of six-years to life.

The Middle man, Joseph Wright pleaded guilty in 1998 to attempted murder and solicitation. He has since been paroled from prison.

Jill’s mother recalled talking to her after daughter when she got a flat tire. It was shortly before she was murdered.

“(Jill) called you, her husband, to help her,” Myler said. “She said you were so mad. I now know that you were mad that she was still alive, that George (Taylor) had chickened out again.”

During Taylor’s recent parole hearing, he claimed he tried to kill Jill at least 22-times before succeeding.

Myler also shared another time that Jill actually called her during a violent episode at the apartment.

“(Jill) called me from the bathroom one night where she had locked herself in and let me listen to you, yelling at her and calling her filthy names,” her mother said. “That was not the voice or language of a loving husband I heard that night.”

During his trial, Paul Allen approached the subject of murdering his wife with Wright just months after they were married.
Wright testified that he asked Allen why not get a divorce. He claimed Allen told him Jill would get all of their possessions, leaving him with nothing.

Even Jill’s sister Mikky Leishman, asked that same question to Jill before her murder.
“Jill called me a week before she was murdered by you and told me how miserable she was married to you, said Leishman. “I told her to get a divorce and her reply was ‘you Paul Allen would never allow that.’ She said you told her it would be an embarrassment if you got a divorce.”

She also was aware Paul Allen couldn’t hear her words. But she still offered this message to him.

“I want Paul to know what a coward he is for now showing up today,” Leishman said. “He has been a coward for the last 26,27,28-years that we have known him.”

The a heairng officer noted that Allen’s absence could mean he’s not going to be paroled anytime soon,

“I can say with firm confidence that Mr. Allen’s decision not to appear here today is almost certain to result in a rehearing in some period in the future rather than a decision to grant parole,” said Blake Hills, the hearing officer.

Meanwhile, George Taylor who had a parole hearing in June was granted parole in 2027.