SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Eight years have passed since the murder of Kevin Meik and family members are no closer to learning who killed him.

The murder of the former Salt Lake City police officer has gone cold. But Sandy police said they are still actively investigating it.

“It’s hard, the whole month for me is hard,” said Meik’s granddaughter, Cecelia Skinner. “But for each day as it gets closer, it gets harder and harder for my whole family. We just struggle.”

It was Jan. 29, 2014 when a friend of Meik made a welfare check at his Sandy home.

“I leaned over and you can see his feet in the bedroom downstairs,” John Irwin told ABC4 in 2019.

Someone shot Meik once in the head according to a 2014 search warrant.

Skinner still remembers that day she learned of her grandfather’s murder.

“It’s evil, I mean who could do that to somebody. You have to have a lot of hate in you.”

Police gathered evidence from the scene and submitted it to the state crime lab. But nearly eight years later, there are still no answers for Meik’s family.

“It’s so hard to say (why he was killed),” said Skinner. “I can’t imagine who it would be. When I think about it, it doesn’t make sense to me as to what happened.”

Neither do police. But they do rule out ties to his former job as a police officer.After his retirement, Meik moved to Arizona before he returned and stayed with friends.

“He never said anything that would lead us to believe he was in trouble,” his friend Laura Beckstead said in 2019.

It is now officially a cold case but Sandy police said they continue to investigate.

Skinner said they appear to be looking at cellphone data from nearby towers. ABC4 could not confirm that from police.

Meanwhile, Meik’s family continues to search for answers on their own. But Skinner said it is frustrating.

“It just seems impossible,” she said. “I don’t understand how nothing has been found, not anything. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Until there’s justice, Skinner said she will continue to have good thoughts of her grandpa.

“He was a hero,” she said. “He is one of the best men I’ve ever known. He saved my life. He saved my brothers life. “

Anyone with information is urged to contact Sandy police.