ROOSEVELT, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Amy Westreicher simply vanished.

And over the past decade detectives have followed every lead and questioned possible persons of interest but her whereabouts remain unknown.

Some now think she was murdered and is not a missing person as she is listed on most state and national sites.

Westreicher lived in California until her arrival in Utah in 2010.

“She came to stay with friends,” said Connie Case, an acquaintance. “I guess they were friends for a long time.”

Before her disappearance, she lived in Roosevelt before moving in with friends. They reportedly lived in an abandoned RV camper without electricity, according to a Roosevelt police report. The RV was on the property of Case’s brother.  

Friday, Case took members of Utah’s Cold Case Coalition to the site about five miles north of Roosevelt. The RV camper is no longer there. The area is vacant.  

“She kind of slept there for a couple of days,” said Case. “(She was) very quiet, very shy girl.”

In early 2010, she suddenly disappeared and no one has since heard from her.

It wasn’t until August of 2010 that a missing persons report was filed with Roosevelt police.

The report was made by David Young an ex-boyfriend.  According to the report, he claimed: “she had not been seen nor heard from for approximately eight months.”

He also told police that Westreicher was “dating or seeing *** during the time.  She just vanished.”

Police contacted Amy’s mother who said, “she has not heard from nor has seen her daughter for eight months.”

Young told police he’s concerned because Westreicher “has a small child and has not made any attempt to contact the child.”

Over the next eight years, authorities followed any lead, including a body found in California that had similarities to Westreicher. There was also another body found in Wyoming. Authorities pursued those leads but the DNA didn’t match. Ten years later Westreciher’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The Utah Cold Case Coalition is now getting involved. Not only are they investigating. But the group is offering a $10,000 reward for information that could lead to an arrest and/or conviction.

The non-profit group specializes in unsolved murders and missing persons.

Friday, they met with Case who knew of the circle of friends Westreicher came to know.

Karra Porter is an attorney and co-founder of the coalition.  

Porter: “When did it occur to you that something was wrong?”

Case: “It wasn’t until a conversation after my son died.”

It was a conversation with a friend of Case and she happened to know people involved with Westreicher.

The information was troubling to Case.   

“I know there was an altercation that night,” said Case. 

And the information she learned troubled her so much that she contacted the cold case coalition. 

“(Westreicher) did sometimes take off in the past so it wasn’t necessarily a red flag that she takes off for a while,” said Karra Porter. “But then when all of a sudden people started acting strange and talked about Amy being dead then start confessing things then this is a big problem.”

Wednesday night in part two of Amy Westreicher’s disappearance, the Justice Files learned about why the investigation centered on three persons of interest.  

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