SALT LAKE  CITY (ABC4 Utah)  Curtis Croslby is missing … again. And this time his daughter understands he may not ever be coming home.

Since 2014, Crosby’s family has been waiting to hear from him.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina forced Crosby to relocate and he eventually arrived in Utah.
“The whole family got separated by Katrina,” said Jamie Crosby.  “He was rescued from a helicopter and it brought him to the airport.”

Crosby’s daughter said they family did not hear from him for nearly a year.  She said cell phones were lost or damaged during the hurricane.  Crosby added that her father did not memorize phone numbers so he couldn’t call anyone. “I did not talk to my dad,” Crosby’s daughter said.  “I couldn’t find my dad for over a year.”

Little did she know her father was alive and well in South Salt Lake but eventually he got in touch with his family.

“I finally got in touch with my dad he called my phone and it was like a breath of fresh air because I hadn’t heard from him since before Katrina,” the daughter said.

But Curtis Crosby chose to make Utah his home.  For nearly a decade he became a fixture in his neighborhood.  His daughter said he worked with the community outreach program and helped others. Then in October of 2014 his daughter called him on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

“I called him just because I wanted to talk and I spoke with him and he was kind of in a rush,” she said. “He was trying to go somewhere and that was the last time I spoke with him.”

He suddenly vanished in late 2014.  Over the past six years, efforts to learn of his whereabouts went nowhere.

“It’s not fair that we don’t know what happened to my dad,” Jamie Crosby said.

The family turned to a private investigator in Salt Lake County.

“We feel now that there’s foul play involved,” said Jason Jensen.

Jensen was able to piece together his theory obtaining police reports and talking with witnesses.  One person he met provided him information that formulated his theory.

“This person is reporting that the day he went missing five guys lured him into a vehicle and they took him,” he said. 

Prior to his disappearance Jensen learned Crosby was found hiding in a nearby building and police received a trespassing call from the tenets of the building.  He was brought back to his apartment according to Jensen.

“I think he was hiding and when he was brought back home,” he said  “The people knew he was brought back home and they came and got him.”

Jensen now hopes someone in the neighborhood saw Crosby placed in a vehicles.  He is reaching out to the public for help shed light on Crosby’s last days.  Jensen also works with the Utah Cold Case Coalition which is offering a  $3,000 reward for information that could help solve this mystery.

Meanwhile Crosby’s daughter also waits for someone to come forward.  But Jamie Crosby is also facing reality.

“I don’t think my father is with us anymore,” she said.