The Justice Files: Man charged in 2016 baby Genesis’ murder

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The man accused of killing a child in 2016 was charged Friday by the Weber County attorney.

27-year-old Jordan Sasaki was charged with the 2016 murder of Baby Genesis McCall at a home in Roy.

Sasaki was charged with aggravated murder and a single count of obstruction of justice.

The case remain unsolved after Roy police could not determine if Sasaki who was home alone with the baby or Xiana Lee committed the crime.

But in April 2020, police were contacted by Sasaki’s ex-wife Sheryise Martinez. Martinez spoke exclusively to ABC4.

“It was a little after when we had gotten married, around the time it happened the next year,” recalled Martinez about her conversation with Sasaki.

Sasaki had left Lee shortly after the death of baby McCall and married Martinez. One day, Martinez noticed that Sasaki was distraught and she kept asking what was bothering him.

“He said ‘do you remember when I told you that Xiana had killed Genesis?'” Martinez said. “He said ‘well it wasn’t Xiana, it was me.'”

According to Martinez, Sasaki said he was home with baby Genesis and became jealous of Lee. Martinez said Sasaki believed Lee was seeing someone else. And when the baby wouldn’t stop crying, Martinez alleged Sasaki lost control.

“He was on drugs,” Martinez said. “He ended up beating the child. He said once it was over he didn’t know what to do and so he covered it up and set out to frame Xiana.”

Martinez was shocked to learn this about her then husband. She said she was unsure of whether to go to police with this information.

“He is a gun holder, practices alot with guns,” Martinez said. “He told me if I ever told anyone he would commit suicide or have a shoot out with cops in front of my house.”

From that point on their relationship was never the same. They divorced and Martinez still didn’t tell police.

But one day she called Sasaki’s new girlfriend in an attempt to warn her.

“I tried asking him about it,” said Savannah Berrett. “I thought maybe it was an ex-wife being vindictive.”

By this time, Sasaki moved in with Berrett and the couple were now living in Laramie, Wyoming. Berrett said she became suspicious after Roy police paid them a visit.

She confronted Sasaki again and this time he allegedly confessed.

“(He said) She was screaming and crying had stopped and he started hitting her and he started biting her, choking her,” Berrett claimed.

The statements of what happened to baby Genesis were similar to what Martinez allegedly heard from Sasaki.

Berrett also offered details of the cover-up.

“He said he tried getting rid of any evidence,” Berrett said. “He clipped his fingernails and her fingernails. He was wearing some clothes and got out of those.

But like Martinez, Berrett didn’t go to police. She feared Sasaki. Berrett claimed he was violent and threatened her several times. In one fight, Berrett actually recorded Sasaki as they were struggling. She said he pulled out a gun and cocked it and pointed it at her.

The recording went as follows: “This is what you wanted right? No. You wanted me to do this right? No. This is what you wanted right? No.”

She then starts crying.

She had had enough. So she left Sasaki and moved away.

After listening to a copy of the audio recording, Sheryise Martinez confirmed it was Sasaki’s voice.

“To be honest, that totally gave me chills and flash backs,” she texted back.

Last April, Martinez finally met with Roy police. So did Berrett and another unnamed woman.

“It’s horrible what he did,” said Martinez. “I just wanted Genesis to have a voice. Even though she was a baby and had no voice, I felt my voice is what she needed to have.”

According to the police affidavit accompanying the charges, they received a text thread between one of the girlfriends and a person named “Jordan.” He asked if she had “went to Roy and said “please tell me so I can run and at least be free. I am so tired of looking over my shoulder.”

Sasaki made an initial appearance Friday morning before a judge in district court. No bail was allowed and will remain in the Weber County Jail until his next court appearance later this month.

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