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WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Laura Crus went into hiding after nearly being stabbed to death.
Cruz said she won’t come out until police catch those responsible for the stabbing.

Saturday night, West Jordan police responded to a 911 call at a condominium complex near 1800 West and 7600 South. 

When they arrived they found Cruz and her friend had been stabbed by an unknown attacker.
Cruz said she and her friend were parked outside when a woman approached the vehicle they were in.

“She comes around the corner and I see she has a knife,” Cruz said.  “She tries to stab the tires of my vehicle.  My first reaction was to get out.”

She confronted the woman who used the knife to attack Cruz.  Her friend got out of the vehicle to help Cruz.

“(Friend) honestly saved my life,” Cruz said.  “She grabbed the girl from under me and was able to grab her and my friend was stabbed in the forearm.”

Neighbors heard their screams and so did Cruz’s fiancee who was inside their condo.  He arrived at the scene.  But by that time Cruz and her friend subdued the woman.  The fiancee left to get his cellphone and call 911. Meanwhile, another car suddenly approached them.  Cruz said it nearly hit them.
“That’s when I see my ex-boyfriend come out of the driver’s side yelling ‘get off of my girlfriend, get off of my girlfriend,'” Cruz said.  “And he charged at Andrea, physically punching her, choking her to get off of the girl that was slashing the tires.”

Cruz said her ex-boyfriend whose name is not being revealed at this time and the woman took off.  
She said two others were with them waiting in the car.

Cruz was rushed to the hospital where she received stitches for cuts on her head, arms and hand.  She said one of the knife wounds missed an artery by inches. 

Cruz said her former boyfriend was angry over their breakup and has used social media to disparage her name and make threats. A West Jordan police spokesman, Sgt. J.C. Holt, said they are seriously looking for her former boyfriend but have yet to find him. 

“We’re kind of waiting on that (arrest),” Cruz said.  “I’m impatient.  I’m scared and I am just kind of living in fear right now.”


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