SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Beverly Dodd learned from friends, not authorities that her daughter was dead.

In August, her daughter, Crystal Turner, was found murdered near her partner Kylen Schulte. They were camping near the La Sal Loop Road south of Moab.

Dodd has remained silent since learning of her daughter’s murder. Four months have passed and Dodd is opening up about that horrible day.

“Oh, I am doing little better now,” Dodd told ABC4. “Yes, it’s been very difficult.”

Turner was Dodd’s only daughter. Their bodies were found in a creek at a campsite. Their killer has yet to be found.

She was shocked to learn this from a friend.

“I went to my knees, and I don’t know,” she said. “I can’t remember after that.”

Turner and Schulte’s marriage lasted nearly five months. They married in Arkansas and her mother said it was the happiest day in Turner’s life.

“Oh yes, they were both so happy,” Dodd said. “They were just so ecstatic. It was the most beautiful wedding that I’ve seen.”

Dodd’s story of her daughter has caught the attention of crime enthusiasts all across the country.

In a crime podcast called, “Speaking of Crime”, one of the hosts who recently interviewed Turner said she lived a hard life.

“Crystal had a drug addiction,” said Jia Wertz, one of the podcast’s hosts. “She obviously took control of her life and she had a hard time with that. But as a result of the drugs and not having a job she lost custody of her children.”

In the podcast, Dodd said authorities have kept her in the dark about any information of the murders.

“That I don’t know (as to why),” Dodd said. “Actually, I’ve been in the dark through this whole three months. They won’t tell me nothing. They can’t give out information.”

She learned of details through friends and social media. Dodd claimed her daughter was raped, then killed.

“The girls were raped,” she said. “They won’t tell me that. But they were.”

Authorities in Grand County never mentioned rape in the scant details they have provided to the family and public.

“They had shot Kylen first, and then my daughter and (inaudible) was running,” Dodd said. “There was a scuffle. She got it the worst they said.”

Beverly Dodd lives in Arkansas. Moab is more than a thousand miles away.

She has no computer, no smartphone and relies on others to learn about her daughter’s final days.

“That really was really heartbreaking because it really paints the picture of this mother who just doesn’t know anything,” said Wertz. “She just reaches out to get answers from almost anybody.”

But there’s one person she really wants to reach out to; Crystal and Kylen’s killer.

“I would ask him ‘why did you do this to these girls?'” she said. “(What) on earth would make you do that?”
Turner hopes that someone with information will come forward and provide information to either the Grand County sheriff’s office or a private investigator, Jason Jensen who is working on the case. Several rewards have been offered.

Thursday, the sheriff’s office released a statement that said they have “no new information” about the murders.

The full podcast of “Speaking of Crime” with Dodd can be found here.